Europubhealth studies

A Masters course firmly rooted in on-the-ground realities
The EUROPUBHEALTH Erasmus Mundus Masters course provides a high level education in the field of public health.

Its main goal is to enable the students to improve health of specific population groups and the population as a whole through:

  • the designing, planning, implementation, advising and assessment of health prevention and promotion programmes.
  • the management of health and social services and establishments.

It is designed to provide students with methods, analytical tools and conceptual knowledge required to understand public health issues.
It is based on the acquisition of academic knowledge and basic savoir-faire related to public health as well as all the necessary skills for the various functions that the students, as future public health professionals, will embrace at the local level, regional, national, European or international, in the public or the private sectors.
A wide range of career opportunities
The EUROPUBHEALTH Erasmus Mundus Masters course meets identified needs in many types of activities in the field of public health as well as among employers:

  • national public administrations, state services
  • local authorities
  • public and private hospitals
  • health care establishements
  • associations and NGOs
  • private companies and organisations
  • European and international bodies

The professional opportunities vary according to the specialisations undertaken by students in their EUROPUBHEALTH Master. They may lead to particular occupations or allow the introduction of new professional profiles in the following fields:

  • Management of social and healthcare institutions
  • Implementation and assessment of public health policies
  • Management of health programmes
  • Risk management and assessment
  • Inspection and evaluation
  • Audits and consulting
  • Education and research

Institute of Public Health at EUROPUBHEALTH

Scientific Coordinator: prof Stanisława Golinowska
Managerial Coordinator: Christoph Sowada PhD
Course Coordinator: Anna Szetela
Dissertation and Placement Coordinator: Tomasz Bochenek MD MPH PhD

Institute of Public Health in the EUROPUBHEALTH program offers specialization course Health Economics and Governance of Health System.

Modules and coordinators:

Modules and coordinators:

  1. Funding of Health System and Financial Methods (prof. Stanisława Golinowska)
  2. Determinants of Health and Health Care Expenditures (Ewa Kocot PhD)
  3. Health Insurance (Christoph Sowada PhD)
  4. Economic Analysis of Health Care and Public Health Programmes (Katarzyna Dubas PhD)
  5. Economic Burden of Diseases (Roman Topór-Mądry MD PhD)
  6. Human Resources for Health (Alicja Domagała PhD)
  7. Drugs Economics (Tomasz Bochenek MD MPH PhD)
  8. Governance of Health Sector (prof Cezary W. Włodarczyk)
  9. Health Technology Assessment (Tomasz Bochenek MD MPH PhD)
  10. Quantitative Methods of Health Care and Public Health  (Krystyna Szafraniec PhD)

Health Economics and Governance of Health System - curriculum

More information on the program's structure, participating institutions and application procedure you will find on EuroPubHealth official web site: